Xerographic printing – sharp, high speed plan-set printing.

  • Plan size prints in high speed color or black and white. B-12x18, C-18x24, D-24x36, 30x42 and E-36x48.

  • Specialty printing to Mylar, heavy weight photo bond, poly based outdoor prints.

  • Printing on colored papers – blue, pink, green and yellow.

  • Set organization and binding – staple, edge bind and post binding options.

Blueprint and blueprinting are outdated terms that refer to large format drawings and reproductions that were in fact blue! Due to odor and environmental concerns, the old ammonia processed, blue-line drawings have been replaced with Xerographic digital printing.

This digital printing process is cleaner, faster and produces beautiful prints in both color and black and white at any size.  The new standard in print speed and quality is the HP Pagewide xl8000.  Printing at a staggering 30 D size pages per minute, the xl8000 utilizes a bank of 8 printheads in a single-pass process that eliminates extra moving parts, creating remarkable, crystal clear, reliable prints in a fraction of the time.

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